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Why work with a Personal Trainer?

People choose to exercise with a Personal Trainer for several reasons. First, starting an exercise program requires knowledgeable guidance so as to maximize results and to minimize the risk of injury. Many people jump into exercise programs and either injure themselves, or they waste time doing exercises that are ineffective. Secondly, to insure that you see results, exercise programs need to evolve and change as your body adapts to these new "stresses". The role of a personal trainer is to monitor workout progress and change the program so that the client continues to make progress. A personal trainers responsibility is also to set goals, and to provide measurements of progress, so that the client stays motivated and can see their progress on paper as well as in the mirror.

Why a Diablo Fitness Trainer?

There are numerous gyms and countless trainers in the area. What differentiates our trainers is that they have been hand selected and all provide experience and a proven track record. Not just anyone can work here. We only hire the best trainers that work well together. Our trainers are a group of professionals who share ideas and concepts with each other. No matter what your fitness need, we will match you with a trainer who is knowledgeable in that area. Whether you are pre/post natal, have physical limitations, are competing in college basketball or just want to get in better shape, we have a trainer for you.

At Diablo Valley Personal Fitness Center, we have chosen persoanl training as a career and take it very seriously. We take great pride in helping clients feel better and look better. All trainers keep up on current scientific research through continuing education and reading. We will help you reach your goals through nutritional guidance and dynamic workouts.

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